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Welcome to NeverLand AQWORLDS

PT: Bem Vindos ao NeverLand, é um jogo para vc se divertir, qualquer bug, informe a gente que iremos arrumar o mais rápido possivel. https://www.facebook.com/marley.oliveira.90 EN: Welcome to NeverLand, it's a game for you to have fun, any bug, let us know what we'll pack as soon as possible. https://www.facebook.com/marley.oliveira.90
1 month ago

This Weekend: Book of Monsters 2

This Friday, begin the 2nd Book of Monsters story The first Book of Monsters was a hit! Heroes took on Extriki the Destroyer, the first of the Queen of Monsters’ children, after it emerged from a Rift in the Neverglades. Now, Aria has begun sensing a disturbance in Lore’s spirit as troubling (and exciting?!) rumors arise. This weekend, we begin the second Book of Monsters with the story of Kolyaban the Reshaper!

2 years ago

This Friday: Lucky Day Returns

Do ya feel lucky, hero? The luckiest day of the year is rapidly approaching, and so is Galanoth’s birthday! This Friday, log in for an all-new challenge monster that’ll mimic your worst nightmares… but give you the MOST gold! All your favorite seasonal rares will return, plus the Lucky Day Shamrock Fair! Get your Golden Tickets and test your luck with our mini-games, then /join luckdragon to help Galanoth get ALL the luck during his birthday Dragon Hunt!

1 year ago